Monday, July 11, 2011

The WHOLE Bible in 90 days? I can do it!!

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So i was completely wasting time the other day surfing on the internet while i should have been folding laundry ... but i came across Mom's Toolbox and seen the new post about reading the Bible in 90 days.

I have seen YouVersion and have the app on my phone ....
I have sifted through all the reading plans and seen the one where you could read the Bible in 90 days..but I always thought that was a little crazy!!

I mean...the first day you read 16 chapters!!! Nuts!!

My church always has a program that we call the Bread Program where we all as a congregation try to read the Bible all the way through in a year..then at the end of the year the ones that did it...get a certificate and a picture of the group. It's always the same people...Everyone knows who is more than likely gonna be up there....
but this year
i wanted to be up there!!!

I wanted to read the Bible all the way through...and TRY to enjoy it!

I love my God...but something about reading those thin pages make me so bored!

I saddens me to say that...because those are God's words...Jesus spoke those words straight from his mouth...from the cross that hung on to SAVE ME!!

How rude am I to say that it bores me!! How disgusting!! How could he love me??
I don't know....but he does...and I am so thankful for it!

Sometimes its the only thing i know i can bank on in this life!

So now that I am already so behind on our yearly reading schedule....I am jumping full force into Mom's Toolbox's 90 Day Reading Plan!!!

There are groups..with mentors...
so much excitement and enthusiasm....
How can you not be excited!!??

I know it is all goody goody now on Day 1....but what about Day 47?

This is how I plan on handling that.....


I'm gonna have to make that a forefront in my prayer life...for God to remind me that THIS is important...more important than alot of the other things i do during the day. That I have to make this a priority. And to keep the devil far away from me and my family and my readings...because to be honest..Satan HATES it when you want to do something for God. The more of the Bible you read..the more he has to fight..and weasel in your life...because the more you know the more you can fight him off with God's Word!!! 

So let's get started!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

we are free!!

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I have completely enjoyed my three day weekend with my family. My husband doesnt get very many weekends off so if we are blessed with one..we take full advantage!! every other cousin Brittany and her little girl Alyssa come over. The girls play...we craft ...sit at the table and talk about what we wanna craft.
ha ha
This Friday I actually made some hair bows and she cut out fabric to make checkbook covers.

Like them??? Know how to do them different or better?
I wanna practice making them!

Saturday...we went over to my dad's house to shoot fireworks and eat some AMAZING meat that my good ol daddy smoked outside...
I love love love my daddy's cooking!!!
and so does everyone else in town...because when they start smelling it..the start visiting!!!
I didn't get any pictures of Saturday because after we ate my little brother was of course excited to get the show started...and unbeknownst to me..
Lyla STILL hates fireworks
So i was huddled up in the house with her like we were in a war ....
but we made it through
and had fun!

Sunday was church...we only had a morning service because alot of our congregation was going out of town to spend time with family. I love that my church is so close that we know everyone and know when everyone plans on going out of town. So morning church was Patriotic Sunday...and some went completely overboard on the Red, White, and Blue...but it was fun! They took a vote for Most Patriotric and Lyla won 2nd place in her age group!! ***Mom Confession: I didn't even dress her up to be in the competition because I though she would throw her normal hissy fit to stay with her daddy then i would have done all that work to make her look cute and patriotic for i saved my time and darned if she didn't get second place! ugh!
After church...we just relaxed around the house for a while...then went over to our friends Trish and Tyson's house to play dominoes...LOVE that game!!

Monday, I felt super blah! I mean super blah! so blah that i went back to the bedroom and laid down again...not ever in a million years thinking that my wonderful husband and lovely child would let me actually rest....but ....they did!
I was amazed...
but actually felt better when i woke up
see what happens when you get rest?
you feel better afterwards
I'm gonna have to try that more often...hopefully they don't catch on!
We kind of missed going to our city's annual Freedom Fest...but it was like 106 degrees that I don't think anyone was upset.
We had a get together planned for my husbands side of the family at 6 that night so I had to get up and start making a birthday cake for my mother in law...I was going to try to suprise her...because no one else had thought of making her one...but i got a call about two hours before saying that my sister in law is making one too..oh well!! Two cakes are better than one!

Everyone had to help blow out candles!

I like that you can kinda see the smile on her face...I think it was still a surpise that I made one...I mean who gets TWO birthday cakes on thier birthday!!

Miss Lyla had to help take the candles out.

After some yummy chicken and sausage shish ka bobs, corn on the cob, pasta salad..then cake...we all sat outside to let our food simmer down in our full bellies while the kids ran around...then off to fireworks show!!!

We are lucky because from where our house is....we can walk right across the street and have  a perfect view of the fireworks.

Even thought the whole time...Lyla was saying "I just wanna go inside.....I am getting to tired....They are done now..lets go in"
She hated them!

They lasted for about thirty minutes...and it was pretty good!!
Maybe next year Lyla will like them.

I can't end a Fourth of July post without saying a big THANK YOU to all the soldiers and the families of soldiers who help protect and manitain our freedom.
We live in an awesome country...simply and solely because of our brave military!
Thank you for my freedom.
Thank you for my child's freedom.
Thank you!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Daughter's Love

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Been a busy two's a quick cutie picture!

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Riding horses at Nanny's house!!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Sunday!

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Happy Sunday!!

Just felt like posting a cute baby picture of my princess before we go back to church.

God Bless!
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Girls Night = Craft Night!

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Today after work Miss Lyla and I went to go get our nails done. I needed a fill anyway and got talked into getting a whole new set of Solar Nails...they are supposed to be stronger and last longer...blah blah blah...anyway...
Lyla wanted her nails painted the lady told her to climb up in the chair and she would paint her nails pink. I immeadiately told the lady that we are far from sitting still to let them dry so I do not in any way expect perfection on that child's don't even try!

Fooled me...cause she did a pretty dang good job! The lady .... not Lyla
Lyla about drove me nuts!
She just about fell out of the rolly chair onto the ceramic tile floor while holding my Iphone...all I could do was give her the "mom" look and tell her sit down .... cause my hands were trapped getting my nails buffed at this point.

Then she announces to the whole entire nail salon that she has to poop! I forgot to mention that we had already been to the bathroom twice since we had been I know for  fact she only going because she was bored. So out of complete hopelessness...I said, "Fine-Go!" and secretely praying the whole time that she doesn't fall in the toilet and get stuck while I am getting my nails done and I can't hear her so she would be stuck in a toilet for at least another 20 minutes...unless someone else had to poop!

Thank God for my cousin Brittany ...she saved my child from a mommy that was about to go insane. She showed up at the nail shop...took Lyla out to her car and let her and her daughter play for a few more mintues while my nails finished up. I don't think she will ever understand how much I love her!!

On a sappy note: She is a single mom...and in my opinion has a dang good job of taking care of her little family...I am so scared sometimes when my husband and I have our "oh my goodness I am ready to just pack my stuff and move to Egypt" fights of having to start over and doing it all on my own...but I know if I had to...that Brittany would be there for me...she would give me her tips and secrets...and more important she would be there for me to cry on. Some today...I can NOT wait until Gregg gets home ...just so I can sit and breathe and not have to worry about what Lyla is thinking or doing or thinking about doing. Having to do it all on my her...would take a lot of strength and patience

on the other hand.....
if you were a single mom........
you wouldn't have an extra person in the house to clean up after..................

let's not go there

moving on

When we got home from our hellacious of a nail salon trip...I had Lyla try on her bikini. It is already swimsuit weather here in Arkansas so Lyla is learning to strut her stuff!!

America's Next Top Model?

Anytime Brittany and Alyssa come over we always have a good time!
Whether we are sitting outside watching the girls play....
driving around looking at houses we can't afford....
listening to old-y but good-y songs on the computer while the girls dance and we sing our hearts out like we are center stage at the Grand Ol Opry!!
Anything we do it fun!

Tonight we decided to make bows. Never made a bow before. Ever.
But tonight...I did pretty good!!
I think I will continue my quest in bow making.
Here's my first virgin bow:

I added the middle bow after I tried it on. It isn't done...cause I have to put cutesy stuff on it...but I think it is looking pretty good!! What do you think?


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Be Prepared: Next month is my Birthday month!!

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Just so that my little blog-o-sphere knows...
next month is.....


yes ...i take up a whole month!

So I thought now would be a pretty good time to start making my birthday list....I made one last year...but then forgot that I had when I was bombarded with the question "What do you want?"
When I get asked that question...I automatically freeze like someone just asked me to make the most important decision of my life.

Well....this year....I will remember...and I will have a list ready
in face
I might make copies and hand it out to all my family and friends!!

i think i will!

Alright enough wasting time....lets get to it!!

I have always wanted an outside patio! I don't want anything grand and fancy...just some small tiles that me and my husband can put down to make a little area for outdoor furniture.

So there is two things:
outside patio tiles

outside furntiture
Then I wouldn't mind having new pots and husband won't buy me stuff that I use around the hosue for my birthday..I have to pick something "for me"...but I'm the only one that uses those dang things!!

and to go with my new pots...I would love to finally reach a decision about how I want to decorate my i think maybe a gift card to somwhere might work...

Then I want some nude shoes (NOTE: be careful when you put that into Google to search...not good for children)...but hopefully you all know that I mean nude COLORED shoes....
like this:

last on my list for tonight...
is a digital scrapbooking software .. I love to scrapbook..but getting out all those little pieces and setting up my layout just right is to much work for a two year old to run in and destroy 45 minutes of planning and thinking in 2.3 I figured i would go digi!! and I am so super excited...if i get none of these other things....i really hope I get this!
Now...I know what your thinking...
hmm..not alot on her list...

I'm not done!

I am done for now...because it is way way past a little girls bedtime and tomorrow at school is movie and popcorn we need our rest!!

to be continued............................


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