Monday, July 4, 2011

we are free!!

Written by: *Nikki* at 11:46 PM
I have completely enjoyed my three day weekend with my family. My husband doesnt get very many weekends off so if we are blessed with one..we take full advantage!! every other cousin Brittany and her little girl Alyssa come over. The girls play...we craft ...sit at the table and talk about what we wanna craft.
ha ha
This Friday I actually made some hair bows and she cut out fabric to make checkbook covers.

Like them??? Know how to do them different or better?
I wanna practice making them!

Saturday...we went over to my dad's house to shoot fireworks and eat some AMAZING meat that my good ol daddy smoked outside...
I love love love my daddy's cooking!!!
and so does everyone else in town...because when they start smelling it..the start visiting!!!
I didn't get any pictures of Saturday because after we ate my little brother was of course excited to get the show started...and unbeknownst to me..
Lyla STILL hates fireworks
So i was huddled up in the house with her like we were in a war ....
but we made it through
and had fun!

Sunday was church...we only had a morning service because alot of our congregation was going out of town to spend time with family. I love that my church is so close that we know everyone and know when everyone plans on going out of town. So morning church was Patriotic Sunday...and some went completely overboard on the Red, White, and Blue...but it was fun! They took a vote for Most Patriotric and Lyla won 2nd place in her age group!! ***Mom Confession: I didn't even dress her up to be in the competition because I though she would throw her normal hissy fit to stay with her daddy then i would have done all that work to make her look cute and patriotic for i saved my time and darned if she didn't get second place! ugh!
After church...we just relaxed around the house for a while...then went over to our friends Trish and Tyson's house to play dominoes...LOVE that game!!

Monday, I felt super blah! I mean super blah! so blah that i went back to the bedroom and laid down again...not ever in a million years thinking that my wonderful husband and lovely child would let me actually rest....but ....they did!
I was amazed...
but actually felt better when i woke up
see what happens when you get rest?
you feel better afterwards
I'm gonna have to try that more often...hopefully they don't catch on!
We kind of missed going to our city's annual Freedom Fest...but it was like 106 degrees that I don't think anyone was upset.
We had a get together planned for my husbands side of the family at 6 that night so I had to get up and start making a birthday cake for my mother in law...I was going to try to suprise her...because no one else had thought of making her one...but i got a call about two hours before saying that my sister in law is making one too..oh well!! Two cakes are better than one!

Everyone had to help blow out candles!

I like that you can kinda see the smile on her face...I think it was still a surpise that I made one...I mean who gets TWO birthday cakes on thier birthday!!

Miss Lyla had to help take the candles out.

After some yummy chicken and sausage shish ka bobs, corn on the cob, pasta salad..then cake...we all sat outside to let our food simmer down in our full bellies while the kids ran around...then off to fireworks show!!!

We are lucky because from where our house is....we can walk right across the street and have  a perfect view of the fireworks.

Even thought the whole time...Lyla was saying "I just wanna go inside.....I am getting to tired....They are done now..lets go in"
She hated them!

They lasted for about thirty minutes...and it was pretty good!!
Maybe next year Lyla will like them.

I can't end a Fourth of July post without saying a big THANK YOU to all the soldiers and the families of soldiers who help protect and manitain our freedom.
We live in an awesome country...simply and solely because of our brave military!
Thank you for my freedom.
Thank you for my child's freedom.
Thank you!

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The Yellow Rose on August 11, 2011 at 7:43 PM said...

Love the hair assesories!!!:)

HENRY J on August 9, 2012 at 7:12 AM said...

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