Saturday, November 20, 2010

Steak and Shake

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I can't believe I haven't posted these pictures before...

wait no longer!

a while ago we went to the Tulsa Zoo..had a good time...but all the walking made us hungry so on the way back home we stopped by Steak 'n' Shake
(very convienent for the guys that it was RIGHT BY the Bass Pro Shop)

But I think we almost had more fun or dang close at Steak 'n' Shake than we did at the zoo!

Now the Aquarium in Jenks, OK...that is a different story! That is a great place to go! I reccomend that to anyone!

ok..moving are some awesome pictures!

Kisses for Nanny...i love this picture!!

This is my crazy wonderful brother!

That is one great pair...I love them love them..with all my heart!

How could you NOT love that face?
Ask his English teacher.

This is my darling husband..who is going to hate me for putting his picture on my blog..but hey..that is what us sarcastic wonderful wives do!

Oh..I love memories like these..great times! I look forward to so so so many more!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Greatest Gift

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I loved reading Heather's idea of the greatest gift ever over at But Mom Said
and now it is my turn in this bloggy chain to let you all know what I think is the greatest gift.

If you know me..then you read my blog! ha!
No really...if you know me then you know that I love going to church. I love being involved in my church...
so as soon as i read the Greatest Gift Ever was our topic for this blog chain....
first thing that came to my mind was


What better gift could you ask for...than for someone to lay thier life down for you so that you may have forgiveness when you mess up....and mess up ...and mess up again?

He didn't just lose his wasnt a quick thing...
he was ridiculed
he was beaten
he was whipped
he bled
he cried
he pleaded with God
he didn't want to
who would?

but he did
because not our will be done
but God's will be done!

He did
for us
to live

live a life that is pleasing to God

through all that
.... not a bone was broken....because nothing is broken on my God...he is PERFECT!
He knows what he is doing

He knows me
my secrets
my joys
my fears
my failures

He heals me
restores me
treasures me
comforts me

That is what I call a gift.
and I couldn't ask for a better one.

Now ...head on over to Margaret's blog The World As I See It to see what she thinks is her Greatest Gift!
Have a great day!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Take time to watch the leaves turn

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet Me Monday

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Slow Down Sunday

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This whole time change thing is rough on  my little girl!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

I just had the scare of my life..

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Great day...sitting here at my computer wasting time while i should be cleaning...

Lyla watching Mickey Mouse and putting all her baby dolls down for nap time

Then the lights start flashing.......
then they came on.


then they start blinking someone was turning them off and on really fast..
then they would half way go off and on...just dim...then come on...

then...all of them went out.

What's the first thing I think?


Oh God!
Do I talk to it?
Do I tell it to leave?
Should I grab the video camera for Paranormal Activity 3!?

The next thing I think is...............
Grabbed Lyla threw clothes on her....ran a quick list through my mind of what important papers i need to grab before my house burns to ashes!

***all my thinking was happening while my lights were going crazy***

when all the lights went off...what did I do?
called my mommy!!

Her lights were doing the same thing! we both have a ghost?
We will need one more video camera.

Praise God ....I do not have a ghost in my house..nor does my mom...

but this is what was happening.....

A transformer blew at a local substation....this is a picture of the smoke about 5 miles away. Thousands of people in our area are out of electricity...some have been hearing it could be up to three days..maybe even a week.
I pray that no one's house was damaged in this event...I pray that they didn't lose anything valuable or important..I pray for the electric men who have to fix all this.
They had electric men coming from towns as far as an hour away.

This was scary for me...for a few different reasons...

1. I obviously do believe in ghosts.

2. If our house was on fire...I could have gotten me and lyla out..but I had no clue what else to grab!

What would you take?
pictures, important papers, clothes....

Once the thought crossed my mind that my house is an earthly isn't a treasure stored up for me in can be taken away from me...I mind went blank on what was most important besides getting my daughter out of the house and far away.

So tell me...if you had one minute to gather what it most important to you and get out of your house that is going up in flames...What would you take with you?


Friday, November 5, 2010

Be Thankful on Paper

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Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner...the very smart and talented Rachel from No 17 Cherry Tree Lane is hosting a challenge called Be Thankful On Paper.

I love the concept!

Every Wednesday in the month of November...write (on paper...yes...a good old fashion letter...mailed and everything..with a stamp) a letter to someone to tell them that YOU are thankful for THEM!

It will make you will make them is just an all around good challenge!! I encourage you to come and play along!

Rachel has a linky set up on her blog feel free to join in anytime...

This week...the first letter i wanted to write was to my husband.

I didn't mail it...but I drove over to his work and slipped it in his truck so when he went on his lunch break ...he was suprised by it!

In the letter I told him how my life would not be the same if he weren't in it. It would be majorly different. Everything we have we worked together to get..and I am very proud of where we live...everything we have and who we are!

He was suprised by it..and called me to tell me that it was one of the best things I had given him (besides our daughter).
Sometimes it doesn't take hundreds of dollars to give  special gift....
a good old written letter does wonders for one's soul!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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All I am going to say is ..
I was in line to vote and.....

sorry ..if you know this lady or are related to this lady..

This is simply the best "WORDLESS" Wednesday I have posted!!

oh yeah!
I have 100 followers!!
How exciting is that...
100 people actually wanna read what i write!
I knew I was a cool kid!!!

That deserves some kind of give away or something...
too bad i don't know how to do that stuff...
because if i did..i would certainly do one!

Have a great day! I hope everyone is happy with the election results!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Welcome Wednesday!

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Welcome to the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop, hosted by Take It From Me! Welcome Wednesday is a great way to meet new people and learn new things as well as increase your blog followers! So let's have some fun!!


What's been going on...

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First and foremost I wanna say that ......

Second ....Halloween!
Lyla had a great time! I didn't think that she would really get the concept of trick or treating...but I must have underestimated her!!
She was a little nervous about all the ugly scary costumes...but she seen a teenager dressed up like Minnie Mouse and thought she was the real Minnie that made her night!
Everytime we went to a door to get candy ...when we got back to the truck she would yell to her daddy..."I GOT MORE CANDY!"
It was really cute!
She was a pirate....

I have to say though i was really disappointed in all the ADULTS that were trick or treating...WITH NO KIDS!!
I mean Come On! If you are just wanting a hand out..go to the Food Bank...This is a holiday for the kids...stop being selfish!
ok..enough of that..moving on!

I have seriously researching different things that i would like to become a consultant for. I have looked at many many many many many different companies...compared them to each other..asked a million questions...thought and thought...asked my husband and friends...and
still I am sitting here looking at so many things....thinking...
which one would be the better business deal?
which one would i have FUN doing?
I just don't know...the one that is on the top of my list is a home decor business called At Home that a good choice? Will it sell?
I don't know.
Then you have to have at least $160 to $180 to purchase your kit to start.
That is alot when you dont' even know if it will work out?..
But they are having a deal where i can purchase my kit for $1 and if i sell $1000 within my first 35 days...I can keep my kit for $1...but if i don't hit my quota then they will take out $178 from my account.
Do i risk it?
Can i do it?

Lyla has been yucky sick here lately...i think we are cutting teeth..well i know we are because she is old enough now to tell me that her teeth hurt...but it has completely messed up her stomach...everything just runs right through her...and her sinuses are going crazy because our weather doesn't know what it is going to the poor thing...just has it bad right now..which makes me have it bad too! So I am praying that the tooth pops through..the weather gets better..and we can get some sleep!

Fifth and last:
My church is having a Fall is our first...and i am superexcited about it..
I signed up to whatever i can to make it work! So i was asked to make the signs for the game since i have a wonderful machine called a Cricut!

Except when my mom and stepdad came over to rip up carpet and put in laminate flooring...I have NO IDEA where the power cord to my Cricut went!!
I don't know if you know much about a Cricut....but
I have ripped my house apart...looked in places that I KNOW it can't be...
and I can not find it anywhere...
therefore i can't make signs for our fall festival...we are trying to wait as long as we can to make them hoping that God will lay the power cord in front of me sometime  before Thursday...but I hate to say that I don't see if happening..and I feel like a complete nim-ca-poop!

So...let's hope that next week is better...huh?



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