Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Baby my Baby

Written by: *Nikki* at 12:37 PM
That's right...I spoil her..I baby her..she is my princess...

This past week my husband has been on first we have the evening together with Lyla..he has been a huge help...I wish it would have lasted forever..but today started back to reality...

While my husband was home..he put Lyla to bed a few nights...I got to where I missed rocking my baby to sleep..

I still rock her to sleep...she will be two next month...and I sing to her...then I quietly lay her down in bed when she is off in dreamland...

When did you all stop rocking your babies? When do you just put them to bed and have them fall asleep on thier own?

I have to say I will completely miss the rocking and singing and cuddling when she starts to put herself to sleep...

So matter what anyone else thinks...I baby my baby!


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