Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You're My Cuppy Cake..

Written by: *Nikki* at 11:04 PM
This post used to the "About the Blog" page.
I have changed and changed my blog to try to find something that is me and what I like.
So I'm not gonna say this is IT..cause i have no clue..it might all change again.
Change is good..it keeps me on my toes!

But this is the story behind You're My Cuppy Cake...

You're My Cuppy Cake..

This brings back so many memories for me. It might not make any sense to you but here lately I have found out that (not being mean) ..I am not blogging for everyone else...I am blogging for ME!

So this title has alot to do with ME!

When my daughter was six weeks old...I had to go back to work. I worked at a preschool. She could have came with me...but working there for four years at the time I knew that she would be sick..and diaper rashes...she would have to wait to be fed. I just couldn't handle the thought of my angel not being taken care of like an angel.

Because first all you have to know that she IS my angel. Ever since I was a little girl..I never planned my wedding...I never thought of who I was going to marry...I wanted to be a momma! (and a teacher..but mainly a momma)

If you have the time..read my miscarriage story. Just knowing that I had a miscarriage lets you understand why my daugher is my angel...but when you have a miscarriage you feel like you are the only one that has ever gone through something like that and it is good to know that you aren't alone.

My mother told me to bring my daughter to her because she didn't want her to go to the preschool either while she was still little. So Thank God for my momma ..she watched my daughter until she was 10 months old. We have only had two ear infections and one virus! That is amazing!

While I was at work ..I thought about how she was doing...I hope I don't miss anything cute. I gave my mom my videocamera and told her to record EVERYTHING!

Everyday when I got off work I would call the minute I stepped out the door to tell mom that I was on my way and to see how everything went that day..what adventures had happened.

My ringtone on my mom's phone when I called was ....Your my cuppy cake, gumdrop, snookums bookums, You are the apple of my eye...

If you haven't heard that song .....it is the sweetest song ever!

Even at her young young age...my daughter figured out that when that song played on Grandma's phone...it was her momma! So if they were trying to lay down for a nap and I called....she was up! Then when she got older...and I called she started grabbing for the phone to talk to me.

It is amazing to me that even at a minute old...babies know who loves them!

So my Blog name is strictly something that is memorable to me..it is thought provoking to me...it inspires me to write about how life is like while my daughter is young.

I want this to be a record of her life. What she did...What she likes...

I want her to know that her dad and I never walked out of her room until we knew that she was fully asleep in her crib...we would stand there with our backs hunched over patting her little back to make sure that she was comfortable...

I want her to know that we sang her to sleep every night!

I want her to know that her daddy and her danced all the time and laughed until they cried.

I want her to know how big of a girl she is ..even at the age of one! She took up an interest in potty training around 18 months old.

I want her to know that there was not one night of teething or sickeness that she was alone...or that me and her daddy didn't hurt just as bad as she did trying to fix it.

I want her to know that is greatly loved.

I want her to know that above all else she is our priority..

I want her to know that me and her daddy consider ourselves blessed because of her...

I want her to be able to sit down one of these days and dive back into her childhood and see what life was like when she was just a little cuppy cake.


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