Sunday, October 10, 2010

Slow Down Sunday

Written by: *Nikki* at 11:30 PM
Well..i had really planned on starting my own meme called Slow Down Sunday.
Where i wanted to hear everyone's stories and maybe encourage some families to take some time out of the busy day to day life and slow down to hang with family..or friends..or just yourself!

This is week one..and i hope it catches on..because we all know that we get caught up sometimes and forget to slow down. week one..

wasn't very slow...
after church today i get a text message from my mom..that said "we will be over in a couple hours..we are ripping out all your carpet and getting your laminate flooring!"

what? i got to work on emptying out rooms...we are doing the scrapbooking room and our master bedroom!

my sunday was still spent with family..and we enjoyed every minute of it...but it was a busy one!

Here is the work done so far.....

awesome ..isnt' it?
now i have to pick out paint colors?
any ideas..suggestions?
color me pictures of your scrap room....
i need inspiration!

Link up me your stuff...tell me how you slowed down on Sunday and enjoyed your day!


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