Saturday, January 1, 2011

catch up on some pictures..

Written by: *Nikki* at 1:40 PM
Now that we are in the New Year of 2011 I wanted to throw in some pictures that I haven't had the chance to post.
I am kinda behind in my posting...
I am having gall bladder problems. My mom told me every woman in our family has had to have thiers taken out after thier first I guess I am just following suit...but I have never had any kind of health problems..nor have I ever had any kind of I am a bit nervous.
I know it will hurt when I get home to recover...and I know I will be tender and have to be slow for a while...but I do NOT like having to be put to sleep.
well..before Lyla..I didn't mind it. But now after I have a baby..I dont' like the risk.
But I really have no option but to pray that everything goes fine and I wake up like normal.

So keep me in your thoughts on Tuesday...that is when I have my surgery.
Another thing that is aggrevating is we have been off schedule at the preschool I work at. I love having down time...but I was getting excited to get back in the classroom and really start working on things and getting our schedule back together. We were going to start working on writing our names. The kids are always so excited to see thier name in print. We have really cool dry erase boards where they can practice and practice. So I am actually going to miss not being at work.

I have to say though my bosses are amazing. No questions making me feel guilty..Just let me completely off get better and heal slowly. So much better than where I used to work. My old boss would have completely made me reschedule my ultrasound because it was in the middle of the day...and she would have griped me out that my surgical consultation was in the middle of the day and probably wouldn't have let me go. Then I would be on the crap list for having to take off a week to get my gall bladder out...oh...I can't believe I stayed at that place for SO long...the kids...that's why! I am just so happy I am where I am now.

So now that I have blubbered on about random are a few pictures to finish up this year and start with a brand new 2011!! I am excited to see what this year brings!! Lyla is getting so big...talking so much more...and we are really becoming best friends!! I love it!

Here is her Christmas party at preschool!!!

She does this herself..and says "momma takt a picture"

she would get just close enough to steal the sucker!

love this!

she wasted no time getting up from nap to get the party started!
Thanks so much to my bosses who let me off work to get to enjoy this

I know this one is blurry..but I love her expression on her face when she seen Santa!

i think she was stuffed and miserable in this picture...

When she first seen Santa!!!

more to come ...stay tuned...
We got get through the Christmas lights and Winter Wonderland...
then I can start the New Year!!


3 wonderful opinions!:

Anonymous said...

I love your photography, the images are beautiful. I do hope you will be okay, best wishes for a healthy new year and no more health problems.

CJ xx

Gwen on January 1, 2011 at 3:45 PM said...

We will definitely say a prayer for you on Tuesday! You have every right to be nervous, but everything will be a-ok. I know a certain 3 year old that will be very happy to have his "best friend" back at school soon! (he has only talked about you as his best friend about 100 times over the break!!)

*Nikki* on January 1, 2011 at 11:23 PM said...


I am going to miss my students..I will certainly be ready to get back into class and get back on schedule!!

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