Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lyla started summer preschool!!

Written by: *Nikki* at 9:02 PM
Wednesday Lyla started summer preschool with me!

She is going where I teach now and I have to admit I was truly worried how it would all work out. Would she cry every time she seen me or heard me? Would I want to check on her ALL DAY? Would she like it? Will she have fun?

I guess the usual "Mom worries"

I do have pictures of her dressed in the morning and on our way out the door but at the moment she is playing on my Iphone I can't get to my pictures on my Iphone...

Thank goodness that she has Ms Jennifer...I love her! She is nice but firm. I like that! And she has a smaller class. I was really hoping that Lyla would have her so she would have all summer to get used to such a big place before Big school starts in August.
(In August..she will be in my classroom...ha...we'll see how that works out!)

She is the only little girl in her class...but she has a kitchen and baby dolls so she is good!
The first day we had a bounce around...what an awesome first day! She did great! I checked her through out the day and it never bothered her...she would just tell me that she was having fun!

I was secretly jumping for joy on the inside!!

Today we had cotton candy..I think she was the only kid in the whole school that didn't want to eat it!

So far So good!!
I am so excited!!

Maybe tomorrow when I can sneak my Iphone away from my two year old I will upload pictures!


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Marianne on June 4, 2011 at 12:57 AM said...

Glad to see you back. I love your new design, but must admit that I wondered who's blog I was reading all of a sudden.

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