Monday, May 24, 2010

Universal Closet

Written by: *Nikki* at 11:06 PM
Have you noticed that I am doing my nightly blog reading?

I need to be doing laundry or something productive..but I will jump up when I hear hubby pull up...and look busy!! LOL!!

Another blog I stalk all the time is At the Well: In Pursuit of Titus 2. This is another great blog with great information about everything. Everyday they have a different topic that Godly women write about.

Today the topic was about your home.....and how to manage a home.
And there was routines, chore charts, etc..but one thing at the very end of her list was a universal closet.
Ever heard of that?

That is one awesome more going from room to room to hang up clothes....woohoo!!
Have a great day!

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